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                                  Volume 8 Featured Stories




The Homecoming

By Scotia

The knowledge that Uncle Willie is due home on leave from his post in India after an absence of eighteen months fills me with sheer dread. A twenty two year old still being treated as a boy I am undergoing strict discipline at the hands of Aunts and Uncles

6,805 words

The New Tutor - Part 4

By Zeitgeist

"Why don't you give us a little demonstration?" Margaret Dover said. "It would be beneficial for us if we knew exactly how you proceed. William was late getting up this morning and we promised him a thrashing later today. This seems to be a good opportunity to show the boy what is in store for him."

13,117 words

Ma’am – Second Semester
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Her eyes lingered on the red stripes that crisscrossed the boys behind. Even through the shorts, the lines were almost as vivid as those that had landed on the bare skin.


Advice for slave Owners


To male ‘slaves’, I suggest you read on with great trepidation. I’m sure that whilst you may jerk off with envy in your dreams of submission, that if you were to trade places with our pansy male you would rue the day you made the choice.


3,717 words

The Male Maid

By Ms Madeline

You must remember that the male maid is there for your pleasure. At all times he is there to work for you. At no time should the male maid be allowed to feel that he is there for his pleasure or fantasy.


2,149 words

Total Submission – Final

By Steve Forsythe

Time had stopped and become eternity. No light, no darkness, no sound nor silence, reality was pain and pain alone. I sagged in pain against my bonds, my lungs devoid of air from screaming.

It was over… or was it just beginning?

4,591 words

Oh Dear, What Can She Want With Me?

By Scotia

The noisy arrival of the large helicopter sweeping in over the surrounding hills at 5.40am on a chilly April day did not go unnoticed by the detainees, in their skimpy knickers, undergoing early morning PE under the supervision of Junior Section Officers.


5,065 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 8

By Derek

“You must be Derek, is that right boy?” he asked in a manner that talked down to me as one might address a young school boy. I simply nodded. Big mistake. “I can see there has been a lack of discipline around here in my absence, my wife really is too soft… Expect a few changes lad… Starting now.”

3,801 words

Something Old, Something New

By Nurse Fuller

I recently re-read an old Victorian letter about how to curb the wayward habits of male onanists. It gave me cause to reflect on my own views on this subject and how I’ve come to upgrade these disciplines with modern aids.

2,441 words

Victorian Values – Part 3

By Steve Forsythe

When I finally awoke to the sound of the seven o’clock bell my penis was still tender and sore. My body exhausted from the strenuous exertions and inordinate suffering I had endured. My cohorts in ‘crime’ were similarly dishevelled.

2,944 words

Rules of the House

By Susan M

I’m a firm believer that all Women should establish exacting, all-embracing, disciplinary regimes for the men who enter their personal lives.  Such an approach cleans away undesirable masculine traits while deepening submission, in my view the most pleasing feature any male can offer up to a Woman

3,190 words

The Pouting Bride

By Maggie Cavan

As she stood there, the faint movement of air in the room felt cool on the scalded skin of her entire bottom.  Gradually, that searing pain became transformed into something that resembled nettles ─ a sensation like thousands of tiny, stinging hairs.

3,657 words

Hard Times at Springvale High

By Daniel R

It was a dark time at Springvale High School. That a once proud school, with a strong tradition of academic a sporting excellence, had been reduced to a graffiti-ridden, second rate establishment, where bullying was rife amongst both staff and students was a grave shame on the education system.

4,408 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




Movie Matinee

By Sissy Karen

When Mrs Birch mentioned I was to be filmed being disciplined by Her, I was thrilled to pieces. What an honour and a privilege I thought, to be chosen by my wonderful Mistress to be the medium on which she could display Her brilliant disciplinary talents.

4,614 words

Sissy Boot Camp Part 2

By Sissy Karen

It was the last night of ‘Sissy Boot Camp’ and for the first time in two weeks I had not lost my half hour free time in the evening. The schedule had been gruelling and to top it off every day I had committed some sort of infraction resulting in the loss of my half hour free time, writing lines set by Miss Sandra instead.

9,433 words


                                  Bonus Features




Spanky Saturday for Jimmy Boy
By Jimmy Boy

A Reader’s account of growing up with discipline in the 50’s and 60’s

1,920 words

The Vegetable Patch Part 4

By Steve Smith

Continuing on in the 4 part series of childhood memories shared by the author, an 'aged devotee' as he describes himself!

2,397 words

The Ballooning Ballerina

By Mrs Birch

An amusing account of a session with Master Muir

5,959 words

My Severe Detention for Chastity Failure
By A ‘Not So Chaste One’

A punishment essay by a Not So Chaste One who was very naughty during his period in Chastity

3.213 words

The Birthday Present
By Masturbator Ian

This is a very entertaining essay from Masturbator Ian about his visit to a Mistress for a special treat involving penis discipline.

2,825 words

Losing It



A very interesting article that briefly explores the psychology of adult disciplinary spanking.


1,110 word


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