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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 7 are listed below.


                                  Volume 7 Featured Stories




My Holidays

By Scotia

Brady, still under strict female discipline at home and with other relations is presently staying in student accommodation in another town on ‘holiday’. Actually it is Aunts Elizabeth. Margaret, Cousin Tina and Grandma, who are on holiday…

6,991 words

The New Tutor - Part 3

By Zeitgeist

It was nearing winter and the days were getting shorter. A few months ago, Elizabeth Walker had initiated a physical training program for Andrew so that the boy could have some relief from his lessons. And on this Saturday afternoon, with the sky overcast and a chilly wind blowing, Andrew was running furiously around the small lake not far from the house.

7,598 words

Ma’am – First Day at a New School
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

“Boy’s parents have agreed that their sons be subjected to the most severe forms of punishment for any misbehaviour, and for them we resort to corporal punishment. In other words, if any boy merits punishment, he will be soundly whipped on his bare bottom in front of his class or, if necessary, the entire school.”



By Jillian

James found he was in for far more than he bargained for when he was caught cheating by his wife. Now he realises just how attractive his pretty wife is, it’s such a pity his errant William is all locked up!


5,174 words

Mrs Lewis

Mrs Birch

“Hitch up that uniform to your waist and tuck it in to your belt, then place your hands on your head, and I warn you, not ONE whisper out of you until I say so.” Jane did so without further hesitation. She was quickly learning that avoiding arousing the wrath of Mrs Lewis might be a wise idea.


6,926 words

Total Submission – Part 8

By Steve Forsythe

Caroline loved to play role games. It heightened her sexual bliss. Unfortunately such games were usually at my expense. One of her most elaborate and erotic was The Temple. Nancy’s ordeal continues…

5,039 words

Office Routine

By Scotia

Things have changed somewhat radically at the office recently due to the appointment of a young lady as his secretary. Chosen by the partners, Miss Jane Milson at 22 is a sweet-faced brunette ideally suited to be a personal secretary.


7,971 words


Approved Part 6
By Zeitgeist

Both women sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee with no hint as to the real reason for the younger woman’s visit. Eventually the subject turned to corporal punishment, but more especially the punishment of a particular boy’s bottom.

5,432 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 7

By Derek

“The rules are simple. If you close your legs, the stroke will be repeated. When I tell you ‘Legs Together’ you have ten seconds to bring your legs together. If you open your legs after that command, the stroke will be repeated. If your hands leave your head the stroke will be repeated.”

4,125 words


By Nick

Susan's plane had been in the air for less than an hour before Christopher found himself standing naked in the ‘Dark Room’, hands laced behind his head while Emma looked him over carefully. After he dutifully rotated, she stepped close to him, brushing against his backside, reached up…

2,157 words

Victorian Values – Part 2

By Steve Forsythe

The quadrangle was quiet, though a steady stream of pupils and teachers passed, laughing at our predicament. Children gain such a perverse strength from the sufferings of their peers, even those who have suffered similarly.

6,963 words

The Green Green Grass of Home

By Jummbuck

A delightfully provocative short story, which teases the senses.

494 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




Sissy Boot Camp

By Sissy Karen

I was totally engrossed in my task and truly in the zone when Mistress’s mobile phone rang. I was snapped out of my reverie when I heard Mistress say, “Hello Sandra, how lovely to hear from you!”

10,773 words

The Masquerade Party

By Sissy Karen

My heart fluttered with anticipation as I gently slowed the car and turned off the highway. We’d set out early that morning and although the drive had been miraculously uneventful considering the three vixens were in the car too, it had been enjoyable and tinged with a sense of adventure.

8,904 words


                                  Bonus Features




Ancient Methods – Modern Aids – Part 3

Continuing an historical account and review of modern methods used in the practise of punishing the perpetrator of the act of masturbation.

3,453 words

The Vegetable Patch Part 3

By Steve Smith

Continuing on in the 4 part series of childhood memories shared by the author, an 'aged devotee' as he describes himself!

2,886 words

A Barber’s Tale

By Scotia

A Chalkdust memory from Scotia, a true tale!

820 words

Over Mums Knees
By Jimmy Boy

Jimmy Boy has regaled us with yet another amusing anecdote about growing up in Australia in the 1960s with discipline very much a part of daily life.

2,102 words

A Scottish Chalkdust Memory
By Scotia

Scotia shares a snippet of his earlier real life experiences, which were the inspiration behind his Brady stories that we have all enjoyed reading so much over the past months.

2,444 words


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