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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 6 are listed below.


                                  Volume 6 Featured Stories





By Scotia

“NEXT!” the raised, high-pitched female voice carries loudly out to the corridor as the Vestry door opens to permit the exit of a nineteen-year-old youth. A youth who had just received one stroke of the Reverend Brenda Cox’s strap.

11,665 words

The New Tutor - Part 2

By Zeitgeist

“Susan will not only watch your punishment, she will also be the judge as to how long it should last. I will apply the cane as hard as I can until she tells me to stop. Is that understood, boy?”

11,577 words

Ma’am – Mistress Nastassja Part 3
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Tears filled Sonny’s eyes. The peeled ginger root up his ass was bad enough, but the hot peppery oil it had been soaked in positively burned his boy-butt. Brenda looked at him. “Does it hurt Sonny Boy?” she asked with mock sympathy.


A Pettified Clockwatcher – Part 2


After a few months I found Robert becoming a little too rebellious for my liking. He clearly needed to be taken further into line! After he questioned my authority once too often and complained about his status, I simply smiled, “Is that so Robert…”


13,518 words

Reform School


A gasp of horror went through the squad at the announcement that they were to be caned. No one had experienced this as yet, but they had all heard how the cane was the most feared form of correction at the Centre.


3,599 words

Total Submission – Part 7

By Steve Forsythe

Caroline’s best friend Sandra eventually find’s herself a slave and takes to her new role like a duck to water while Nancy is subjected to the ultimate indignity!

7,550 words

Early Morning Confrontation

By Scotia

Just about a fortnight ago Brady rose at 5am, his usual time, and tiptoed barefooted downstairs to the lower bathroom. Quietness being the reason for the tiptoes as to waken any of the three sleeping ladies of the house would land him in serious trouble.


A Blissful Marriage – Part 6

By Nick

Richard was surprised to have the rare compliment from his mother-in-law and it showed in his face, but he demurred. "Ms. Schmidt once told me that sometimes correction would be necessary in front of strangers, and I had to accept it without question as part of my duties," he said.

4,605 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 6

By Derek

“A little essay is in order I think. ‘Rules are Rules’; is your title, and I’d like you discuss the concept as it relates to last night, the importance of never making exceptions, and the security that flows from this. That should help you greatly.”

5,403 words


Approved Part 5
By Zeitgeist

‘Paul immediately couldn’t help himself looking at his cousin, for which he was treated to a slap across his face, powerful enough to have knocked him off his feet, if his hair hadn’t still been in the grasp of Aunt Eva’s left hand…

4,510 words

Confessions of a Schoolboy Dobber

By Jimmy Boy

As I lay in bed I fingered my tramlines and started to scheme. My throbbing welts a constant reminder of the punishing power of Mrs B’s right arm and the senior boys straight rattan cane. I decided there and then I would become that most hated of schoolboys…

5,755 words

Victorian Values – Part 1

By Steve Forsythe

The public school system certainly produced some exceptionally dedicated ladies to deal with their charges. Bradfield relates his fate at the hands of Nurse Fuller. No doubt he kept his hands to himself by the time Nurse Fuller had finished her lessons.


3,483 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




Doctor Katerina

By Sissy Karen

It was Saturday afternoon and my first weekend off in months was going splendidly well until I received a text message from Mistress saying: “Cancel all plans for tomorrow Karen. You are to report to my house at 8am sharp.”

6,149 words

A Day at the Bong Bong Races

By Sissy Karen

“Katerina’s father has given her a race horse as a present for completing her PhD. It is having its first race this Wednesday. Katerina and Jacqueline are going to watch the horse run and they asked me if you would be their chauffer for the day. I have agreed.

8,865 words


                                  Bonus Features




Ancient Methods – Modern Aids – Part 2


An historical account and review of modern methods used in the practise of punishing the perpetrator of the act of masturbation.

1,807 words

The Vegetable Patch Part 2

By Steve Smith

Continuing on in the 4 part series of childhood memories shared by the author, an 'aged devotee' as he describes himself!

2,757 words


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