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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 5 are listed below.


                                  Volume 5 Featured Stories




Severe Table Drill

By Scotia

In keeping with Auntie’s commitment to increase the severity of Brady’s regime following his birching, the first step was to increase the severity of the discipline associated with Table Drill, including the wearing of a Bib and Tucker at every meal…

2,000 words

The New Tutor - Part 1

By Zeitgeist

As England breaks into the 1960’s, with its vibrant new fashions with colourful dresses and short skirts, there still exist some wealthy families, whose lifestyle is still firmly in the first half of the century. Especially when it comes to discipline…

9,878 words

Ma’am – Mistress Nastassja Part 2
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Sonny Boy’s new regime is stepped up a notch when Mistress decides it’s high time he experiences a taste of some anal discipline. Sonny gets more than he bargains for when he enters his Mistress’s bedroom one morning.


A Pettified Clockwatcher – Part 1


A dominant lady tells of her lifestyle as a firm believer in the use of petticoat discipline. Her partner does not enjoy the lifestyle so much. A classic tale in two parts.


9,446 words

The Re-education and Sissification of a young Victorian Gentleman
By Richard Edwards

Alexander is sent to a Victorian Correctional Facility for Young Gentlemen for ‘re-education’ under the personal direction and supervision of an elegant and beautiful Governess.


7,891 words

Total Submission – Part 6

By Steve Forsythe

It was actually eleven months after my arrival before a Friday the thirteenth turned up. I’m sure Caroline was actually disappointed since it meant I had a little pleasure coming my way.

1,678 words

A Weekend Away

By Scotia

When Brady goes away for the weekend with Miss Tina to stay with ‘Uncle James’ and his new young wife Miss Annette he could hardly expect any R&R. It is not long before his backside is smarting!


A Blissful Marriage – Part 5

By Nick

Richard, accompanied by his mother-in-law Elizabeth, has an appointment at Gloria’s on Wednesday afternoon. It would appear that the time has come for Richard to find out about a new level of cleanliness…

4,344 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 5

By Derek

It seemed only minutes before the alarm went off and in the cold lonely room I turned on the light to continue my lines. I had completed fifty before the first stirrings of others in the house, though it was gone nine before I was bid to join them for breakfast.

4,135 words


Approved Part 4
By Zeitgeist

‘Whup!’ and the chalk dust flew into the air. Good god, this girl can cane, mused Edward, she is no doubt wasted in her job as a secretary. He would have to see what he could do about that.

6,357 words

The Art of Domination – Part 2

By Jan

Let me explain that first session in detail and how the punishment works. Remember I needed to make sure it was a total punishment. If it weren’t an utter deterrent to his slack ways it wouldn’t work.

4,078 words


By Mrs Thackery

Jim learns to rue an outburst of bad language in front of his beautiful young wife and their neighbours. A story that explores the sense of love, security and respect that accrues when a relationship is founded upon traditional concepts of discipline.


7,109 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




The Little Things

By Sissy Karen

In this essay I will take a different tack and share with you some of the ‘little things’ that form part of the Rules that Mrs Birch has deemed I must live by. These ‘little things’ can end up having quite significant and profound effects.

3,095 words

Implement Evaluation

By Sissy Karen

Nervousness and fear had begun to set in as I scrutinised my growing list of infractions. The longer I have been under Mistress’s rule the less lenient She has become. Lessons must be learnt and repeat offences are met with increasingly harsher consequences.

7,766 words


                                  Bonus Features




Ancient Methods – Modern Aids – Part 1


An historical account and review of modern methods used in the practise of punishing the perpetrator of the act of masturbation.

3,213 words

The Vegetable Patch Part 1

By Steve Smith

This story is the first of 4 in a series of childhood memories shared by the author, an 'aged devotee' as he describes himself!

3,338 words

True Tales of the Reverend

By Scotia

A Scottish Chalkdust memory from Scotia for your interest

481 words

The Popsicle

By One of Mrs Birch’s Recalcitrant Students

A student’s account of his Chastity Assignment

1,166 words

A Chalkdust Memory – ‘The Ging

By Jimmy Boy

Another amusing story from Jimmy Boy recounting a tale of woe from his childhood growing up in Australia

1,023 words

What Causes Spanking Fetishism?
By Chris Dugan

Originally published in three parts as ‘Origins of Spanking Fetish’, on newsgroups alt.sexuality.spanking and soc.sexuality.spanking, July 1996.

3,701 words


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