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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 4 are listed below.


                                  Volume 4 Featured Stories




Good Morning Brady

 By Scotia

Is there such a thing as a good morning for Brady? Certainly not when Miss Tina is doing the early morning inspection. And with the elder ladies still in bed Brady finds the rules are there to be broken.

3,127 words

Caned In Front Of The Girls - Part 4   By Zeitgeist

The girls set about making me as wretched and vulnerable as possible before handing out what can only be described as a cane flogging.

9,099 words

Ma’am – Mistress Nastassja
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Mistress Nastassja, Sonny Boy’s guardian, decides it’s high time to begin Sonny Boy’s training whilst he’s home on holidays from Boarding School.  It’s not long before his new regime begins.

5,966 words

Girls at Greyfriars

Adapted by Zeitgeist

This is an oldie but a goodie sent in by one of our reader’s after resurrecting it from the attic. If you have an oldie but goodie, please send it in for all to enjoy.

4,728 words

The Soft Touch – Part 4
By Jummbuck

I’d been promised a monthly haircut and sure enough, received another dreadful ‘Number One’ cropping at the hands of Jennifer Miles exactly four weeks into my training. “And what about her eyebrows, Patricia, they’re very masculine…”

7,837 words

Total Submission – Part 5
By Steve Forsythe

Caroline arranges for Nancy to visit Dr Kay, who is also a firm believer in the subjugation of the male. The purpose of the visit? A bilateral orchidectomy.

12,093 words

The Birch
By Scotia

“What am I to do with you to improve your attitude?...Perhaps I have been too lenient with you? Perhaps we had better get a little stricter? A tickle with a good birch is what’s needed here,” Grandma McCabe’s shrill voice interjected...

7,116 words

A Blissful Marriage – Part 4
By Nick

Richard has welcomed his mother-in-law Elizabeth to their home for an extended visit. While Harriet has to work long hours at her high-level job, Richard takes care of all the domestic duties, and his mother-in-law means to see he does a good job.

3,311 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 4
By Derek

I am not sure how Sister Bernice came to learn of my lifestyle, though I guess in hindsight my failure to return home for the holidays would have caused some concerns. I had not done so for fear of a return to my petticoats, curfews and strict discipline.


3,959 words

Approved – Part 3
By Zeitgeist

The doors of the gymnasium changing rooms opened suddenly accompanied by shouting marching orders from the Rev Headmaster who Amanda could see through the glass of the gym doors was marching at the double the two boys due for the canings.

7,170 words

The Art of Domination – Part 1
By Jan

“Please let me relate how I acquired my own pathetic male slave. To male readers, I suggest you read on with great trepidation. Whilst you may wank off with envy in your dreams of submission, that if you were to trade places with my pansy male you would rue the day you made the choice.”

5,353 words

By Mrs Thackery

Half opening my eyes I was awakened by the sounds coming from the bathroom. My husband was sharpening his straightedge razor on his old razor strop. Click-swish, click-swish. It had a lovely rhythm.


1, 545 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




The Summons

By Sissy Karen

Sissy Karen details an account of a recent severe punishment given by Mrs Birch for a naughty little display of disobedience. Karen is punished in a way she has never experienced before…


2,997 words

The Jalapeno Chilli Experience

By Sissy Karen

It was the week before my monthly ‘Accountability’ meeting with Mistress and as usual I was on tenterhooks, doing my utmost not to incur extra infractions leading up to the big day. I was feeling hopeful that there might be some ‘reward’ time this month…


7,089 words


                                  Bonus Features




A Sissy’s Best Friend

By Christopher Muir

Muir’s second attempt at his essay on ‘Bows’

3,146 words

An Essay on Chastity

By Paul, Chastity student

As the title suggests, but could you spend this long in Chastity?

2,060 words

A Chalkdust Memory of a Magna Strapping

By Richard Edwards

This is a true account of a school day memory of a strapping administered by a female schoolteacher, which left a lasting impression on me as a young adult.

1,425 words

The Diet

By A Naughty Young Lady

An essay written by a young lady whose husband decided it was high time for his lovely wife to request of Me a Detention, as punishment for her not sticking to her diet.

2,750 words


By Mrs Birch

I thought I might share with you some thoughts on the word 'strict'.

1,151 words

More Tales of Growing Up in the 1960s
By Jimmy Boy

Another amusing little story from Jimmy Boy recounting a tale of woe from his childhood growing up in Australia

390 words

A Visit to Mrs Dawson
A Reader’s Chalkdust Memory

A reader’s chalkdust memory of visits to the neighbourhood Disciplinarian

1,884 words

A Scottish Chalkdust Memory
By Scotia

I have included an anecdote passed onto me from Scotia about his earlier life and his inspiration behind his Brady series.

1,115 words


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