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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 3 are listed below.


                                  Volume 3 Featured Stories




Derek Brady at Home

 By Scotia

In this chapter we have a glimpse of Brady’s life at home under the watchful eye of four dominant ladies. Grandma McCabe believes practise make perfect…

3,514 words

Caned In Front Of The Girls - Part 3   By Zeitgeist

Julia and I were to stay at the empty school during the holidays. Whilst there I was to learn a lesson at the hands of three girls, one dying to have me caned, one tickled pink at the thought, and the other the most competent caner I had ever met to date.

12,957 words

Ma’am – True Dominance
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Sonny Boy is treated to a morning’s lesson in respect and obedience at the hands of his Mistress. The lesson is tempered with pain and humiliation for Sonny Boy.

1,130 words

The Soft Touch – Part 3
By Jummbuck

“Sissy-chrissy Fluffy Lambikins, this is the name I have settled on for you.  You are to use it for all written or spoken communication, unless I advise otherwise.”   The next phase of this strange, awful existence of mine had begun...

7,621 words

Total Submission – Part 4
By Steve Forsythe

Caroline introduces Sandra to a new ‘game’ played at Nancy’s expense – a ‘game’ that Nancy feels they have played on far too many occasions since!

4,501 words

Table Drill
By Scotia

We join Derek Brady and his family for a roast dinner. Unfortunately Brady doesn’t really enjoy the meal, and he certainly finds it hard to sit still by the end.

5,695 words

A Blissful Marriage – Part 3
By Nick

Elizabeth, Richard’s mother-in-law, held tight to his ear as she led him back to his room after his punishment spanking with the hairbrush. “Ow!” he objected. “You don’t have to be so rough! I know where to go!”

2,574 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 3
By Derek

On Friday evening we had a formal dinner with Sister Bernice, Sister Rose and the new priest coming round for a meal. Sister Bernice was keen for mother to meet him and we were all of course to be on our best behaviour.

4,452 words

Approved – Part 2
By Zeitgeist

Deputy Headmaster Edward was spending a lot of time down in the gym store room where he had identified the ideal structure for securing boys who would be subjected to the new regime for twelve stroke canings.

3,371 words

The Whipping I Deserved

“Stevie Stevenson,” she said in a low, menacing voice as she drew near, “You know the rule about playing in your Sunday clothes. Now prepare yourself for immediate punishment!”

2,486 words

The Lodger
By Noelene Smith

A year and a half ago, we decided that having a male lodger in the house might be worth a try, so long as he was quiet and trustworthy. At first we seemed to have made a wise choice, he kept to himself and seemed no trouble...


Three Detentions

By Derek

Attending the local Convent school ensured a good education, though it also brought with it a rigid code of discipline, and strictly enforced punishments for breaches. In the ‘enlightened’ times of the 1950’s, this meant written punishments and detentions.

4,296 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




Part Time Work

By Sissy Karen

Mrs Lee has Sissy Karen’s Beauty School exam results, and decides to discuss them over lunch with Mistress. Naturally it is not a happy ending for Sissy Karen.

9,755 words

A  Day at the Zoo

By Sissy Karen

Sissy Karen accompanies Miss Katerina and Miss Jacqueline for an overnight stay at the Western Plains Zoo but its not the relaxing trip it could have been. The New Zealand paddle has been sent along to keep her in line.

10,450 words


                                  Bonus Features




Some Rules of Chastisement

By Someone Who Knows!

Some notes on how severe canings are administered


A Nursery Punishment for Muir

By Mrs Birch

A very amusing account of a Nursery punishment given to master Christopher Muir!

7,485 words

Just the way Miss expects it

By Christopher Muir

Master Christopher Muir’s Detention essay on Bows, a marked improvement on the first essay!

3,145 words

The Delights and Joys of Prolonged Chastity 

By A Chaste One

"I have been directed by Mrs. Birch to write an essay on the delight and joys of prolonged chastity.  This assignment stemmed from punishment for a lapse in my obedience to Her rules of chastity.

5,070 words

A Chalkdust Memory from the 1950s
By Jimmy Boy

I grew up during the 1950's and 60's when Dr Spock was causing controversy with his child rearing ideas revolving around ‘to spank or not to spank’. In my mother’s mind there wasn't any question.

1,839 words

A Summoning for Discipline
By Nicky

This is a reader’s account, when one truly hands themselves over to a trusted disciplinarian, for real life actions and consequences…

2,485 words


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