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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 2 are listed below.


                                  Volume 2 Featured Stories




The Comeuppance – Part 2

 By Scotia

Brady finds his Squishy Little Piggie Wiggle is very much the centre of attention. He has been appointed a pretty new secretary and Auntie Elizabeth is not in a good mood.

5,843 words

Caned In Front Of The Girls - Part 2   By Zeitgeist

Both women were stood on my left, Julia still holding the tawse. I was wondering which of them would use it first when my step –mother took the strap…

10,267 words

Ma’am – Sunworshippers  
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Mistress Mona and Lady Denise take Sonny Boy to the beach but Sonny forgets his swim trunks…Later that night Sonny gives Lady Denise and Mistress Mona a reason to punish.

4,995 words

Discipline at Parame

Adapted By Richard Edwards


This is a brilliant story that has been adapted by one of our readers. The story is from a book called Painful Pleasures, which contains a number of vintage disciplinary stories.

5,279 words

The Soft Touch – Part 2
By Jummbuck

Chrissie’s humiliating journey continues at the hands of the elegant Miss Lamb. There is another side to her completely, which Chrissie is about to find out all about.

8,859 words

Total Submission – Part 3
By Steve Forsythe

Nancy’s servitude to cruel Caroline is now 2 months old when she offers his services to her good friend Sandra, who has just endured a divorce and moved house.

4,507 words

A Warm Afternoon
By Scotia

The classroom is airless and hot as Brady swelters at Uphill School on this Friday afternoon.  Brady is here at the behest of his landlady who has arranged for his extra tutoring…

7,103 words

A Blissful Marriage – Part 2
By Nick

Harriet’s mother Elizabeth, was due to visit on Tuesday, her second since they were married, and Richard was expected to pick her up at the airport about noon. Elizabeth made it her mission to help keep order in her adult children’s homes…

3,724 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 2
By Derek

Derek’s new regime includes a severe dose of petticoat discipline along with a whole new set of rules, strictly monitored by Sister Bernice who feels Derek has been allowed FAR too much freedom, until now…

8,476 words

Approved – Part 1
By Zeitgeist

This story is linked to Summerhouse Canings, by the involvement of Mrs Eva W, a teacher who plies her profession in an English Approved School in the 1960’s, an institution to be avoided at all costs.

6,324 words

By Mrs Birch

"I have asked Miss Murdoch if she would care to witness your punishment today John and she has graciously accepted my invitation. She will be joining us shortly. I believe a bare bottom thrashing in front of Miss Murdoch will be of benefit to you.”

6,908 words

The Passing On
By Richard Evans

Crestfallen, he could barely comprehend the words he had just heard. He felt himself overcome by a surge of conflicting emotions – shock, bewilderment, rejection, anger, sadness, but above all, obedience.

1,044 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




Miss Sandra’s Party

By Sissy Karen

Tonight Sissy Karen learns how Miss Sandra likes to lay down the rules. A night’s maid service ends in Sissy Karen being the entertainment for the guests at Miss Sandra’s party.

8,749 words

Day of Reckoning 

By Sissy Karen

Mistress has returned, and she is not happy with Sissy Karen’s performance while in Miss Sandra’s care. She has decreed a horror week of Detention and chores to culminate in a severe punishment.

10,922 words


                                  Bonus Features




An Essay on Impositions

By Scotia

An account of wartime Detentions written by Scotia, author of the Brady series


1,449 words

The Five Degrees

By A More Modern Governess

A cold, calm, detached voice is essential, the miscreant needs to appreciate how helpless his situation truly is. How uncompromising I shall be and how little I concern myself with the protracted suffering that shall shortly occur…

5,212 words

The Tingle ‘o’ The Tawse

By Richard Edwards

A Factual article about the history of the Tawse

2,507 words


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