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Details of the wonderful stories contained in Volume 1 are listed below.


                                  Volume 1 Featured Stories




The Comeuppance – Part 1

 By Scotia

A lengthy and very well written story about Brady who is very much controlled by the four dominant ladies in this domestic household. A favourite and much loved tale from Scotia.

10,448 words

Caned In Front Of The Girls - Part 1   By Zeitgeist

An extremely compelling account of severe discipline meted out in the most humiliating fashion. I must say, this story kept Me enthralled from start to finish. Just when you think it’s over…

13,373 words

Ma’am – Mistress’s Favourite Skirt  
By Sonny Boy Jacobsen

Sonny Boy decides to play a little prank on his Mistress but soon finds out the error of his ways when it all goes horribly wrong, in public...

7,502 words

Forsythe meets Miss Martinette 

By Steve Forsythe

Mrs Birch introduces the hapless Forsythe to a new and cruel ‘friend’. A sorry tale of Petticoat Discipline and public humiliation for the unfortunate Forsythe!

3,438 words

The Soft Touch – Part 1
By Jummbuck

An extremely dominant Lady immerses her male charge in a strict and thorough disciplinary regime, one that sees him having to confront his weaknesses and learn to meet her needs while embracing a softer, more obedient side in himself.

7,391 words

Total Submission – Part 2 
By Steve Forsythe

The total submission of a young male in the strictest regime of enforced feminisation and slavery to an exceptionally dominant and demanding lady.

11,250 words

At M’Lady’s Whim
By Scotia

Mrs M rules the household, but prefers to send her charge to her husband for punishment since she doesn’t see why she should waste her time dealing with such mundane matters!

9,797 words

A Blissful Marriage – Part 1
By Nick

Harriet was plainly agitated, and Richard wasn’t surprised. His wife turned towards the kitchen.  You go upstairs and get ready for your lesson. It starts now.”

4,100 words

A Religious Upbringing – Part 1
By Derek

Derek is about to undergo a ‘lifestyle’ change at the hands of Sister Bernice. His fate is sealed once she has control of him, and life as Derek knew it, is over.

3,874 words

A Summerhouse Caning
By Zeitgeist

It was the second week of the school holidays and Paul, a typical boy, was beginning to think that this might just turn out to be the longest school holiday of his life.

4,094 words

Edge Hill College Disciplinary Club
By Jon

I had very little sleep that night In less than 48 hours I would not only have to undergo the humiliation of baring my behind to eight young women, but each of those harridans was going to thrash it with the instrument of their choice.

4,447 words

A Wilderness Whipping Made Easy
By Mistress Mona

The World’s Shortest Spanking Story. Need I say more?

575 words


                                  Sissy Karen’s Misadventures




The Written Imposition

By Sissy Karen

Sissy Karen endures her first written imposition and learns a few harsh lessons along the way. What should have taken 6 hours ended up an epic journey in the pursuit of excellence under the guidance of her Mistress!

8,955 words

Surfs Up!  

By Sissy Karen

Sissy Karen’s weekend with Miss Sandra’s starts out with a not so enjoyable day at the beach. What could have been fun turns out nothing short of harrowing for Sissy Karen.

8,062 words


                                  Bonus Features




Punishments for Masturbation Throughout the Victorian Era

By Wanker Ian

An amusing essay written by a desperate man in a bid to secure release from his Chastity Program!


3,206 words

A Victorian Governess’s Views on Raising Young Gentlemen

By A Victorian Governess

This is a fascinating article written by a Victorian Governess. A Lady after my own heart!

2,701 words


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