• This site is designed for adults who enjoy old-fashioned Corporal Punishment and traditional Discipline as part of a consenting lifestyle.

    A place to relive your "chalk dust memories" and to live once more in an age when "To spare the rod, was to spoil the child".

  • Caring discipline provides many with much needed emotional and physical security. This in turn may enhance your love life or simply provide a safe release from the stresses of every day life.

  Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian 

Welcome to my website. I am Mrs Birch, a world class, professional Disciplinarian based in Sydney, Australia.

I specialise in providing good old-fashioned domestic discipline and strict corporal punishment to consenting adults in need of a safe release from the stresses of everyday life.

As someone who was genuinely raised on the rod, I fully understand the cerebral needs of naughty adult boys and girls who seek the security and emotional release that only a dose of good old fashioned discipline can provide.

My sessions revolve around classic themes of corporal punishment, traditional domestic and scholastic style punishments and petticoat discipline. I also offer harsher punishments for the more seasoned player, supervised and online detentions for miscreant pupils, and phone discipline sessions for naughty adult girls and boys.


If you crave the comfort of a well spanked bottom administered by an experienced, caring and understanding professional in an unhurried, domestic environment, then my services are just for you.

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