Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian

  Domestic Discipline Sessions
When you enter my threshold you'll step back to a time when the values of etiquette and good manners were instilled with the sting of the cane.
For those adventurous enough to re-live their chalk dust memories I provide domestic discipline and corporal punishment for naughty adult boys and girls. Caning, strapping, paddling and over the knee spankings are my specialties as anyone who has had the pleasure of being on the receiving end can attest!
Acting and role playing come naturally to me, therefore I truly enjoy taking on the persona of your most feared Punisher. Whether it's the strict Headmistress, no-nonsense Landlady or your Aunt Jennifer, I am more than capable of slipping easily into each and every role.
Mrs Birch

Whether you're in need of a severe caning, petticoat discipline or an over the knee spanking in the comfort and privacy of a domestic environment, I assure you, every aspect of administering discipline and corporal punishment is supremely enjoyable to me. Many of my clients travel from all over Australia as well as  the rest of the world to visit. None leave disappointed. I promise you that I will truly relish turning your bottom rosy and listening to your howls of anguish. If you've been let down before you'll find I deliver.


A brief discussion will always precede your session, so I can gain a greater understanding of your needs. Our discussion will also serve to allay your fears and calm most nerves. It will enable you to gain more confidence in me as well as affording you a better idea of what to expect throughout your session.


I respect all limits and a 'password', if required, can be agreed upon prior to your session commencing. Paramount is my aim to provide a professional, discreet and tailored service to suit you so that you feel you've received an experience to remember. My understanding of your needs for security ensures your satisfaction.  


I do not provide sexual services such as hand relief, body worship or sex, and I do not  disrobe in any way. I offer a genuine professional disciplinary service with the themes for my sessions revolving around traditional roles such as domestic, scholastic or employment style scenarios. I provide a safe, private environment with the cleanliness of my premises and disciplinary implements a priority.


Discipline for Couples

As well as attending to the disciplinary needs of adult boys and girls, I also take great pleasure in conducting disciplinary sessions for couples. As a couple, you may have a favourite school scenario you wish to re-enact, or any one of a dozen other scenarios that involve corporal punishment that you'd like to experience. Feel free to call and discuss your ideas and fantasies with me.

As with all personal appointments, prior to the session I'll discuss with you both your individual needs, previous experience, expectations and limitations in order to tailor a session that will not only fulfill your own needs and desires but will also ensure  total enjoyment on the whole, and ultimately a memorable experience for you both to share.


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1 hour           - $300        90 minutes   - $400       2 hours - $500
* Longer sessions available

*Sessions involving couples - 1 hour - $350