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   The Guild of Governesses
For the Correction of the Adult Male

Discipline  ~  Punishment  ~  Regression  ~  Sissification

The Guild of Governesses exists to Promote and Share the Good Works of Adult Discipline as Self-improvement, Education and Entertainment

at a Stroke...

Founding Members: Lady Governa (UK), Mrs Birch (Aus), Ms Marwood (USA)

(Ultimately a Guild Governess on every continent!)

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    Lady Governa ~ Halifax, Yorkshire, England

    I am Lady Governa of The District Reformatory & Doll House. I am the governess of a reformatory for domestic and institutional discipline, confinement and correction, and the regression of the adult male to boyhood and infancy. I am a former school teacher and I now have a decade of experience and an esteemed reputation in this area of adult role play as an education and a therapy. I consider myself to be strict and punishing yet also sensitive and nurturing of individual needs. I am a disciplinarian of a vintage erotic style with a penchant for the corselette, fully fashioned stockings and high heels. I particularly favour administering corporal punishment by means of a sound spanking or sets of six with the cane or the riding whip. For further punishment, humiliation and belittlement, I have an extensive collection of adult infant and sissy attire and accoutrements.

    I expect contact to be intelligent and substantial via the written word in the Queen's English. I do not tolerate tardiness.

    In addition to the practice of The District Reformatory & Doll House, I am a writer of reformatory tales of domestic discipline, institutional confinement, discipline and punishment, and the adult nursery.

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    Do note that my name is pronounced G'verna.

    "capture his mind, restrain his body, pacify his spirit, control his desire, discipline his behaviour, manipulate his sex, gag his cries, force-feed his hunger, sissify his dress, confine his genitals"

    Ms Harriet Marwood, Spankologist ~  New York, NY,  USA

    Ms Harriet Marwood is a worldly, intelligent, no-nonsense lady who addresses the behavioral problems of naughty boys of all (consenting) ages.  She takes her inspiration from a renowned, stern English governess of longstanding literary fame and believes in the expert application of all manner of traditional domestic corporal discipline as needed and/or deserved.

     An expert at punishing a naughty bare bottom with the hairbrush, belt, leather strap, paddle, crop, cane, and of course her very strong bare hand, Ms Marwood’s reputation for caring guidance, stern correction and high character is well-known the world over.

    A wooden ruler to palm of hand for sloppy schoolwork, a good mouth soaping for sassy back talk, corner time for contemplation of misdeeds, and of course the sharp penance of a no-nonsense spanking is what’s needed to keep a boy’s attention properly directed. When all else fails, six or twelve of the best with a supple rattan cane usually gets the job done!  Boys will be boys, and Ms Marwood believes that regular guidance with a strong hand will keep them steady, productive and minding their manners.

    She administers this discipline in the homey comfort and upscale privacy of her Manhattan home. As a result, she is highly selective and a thorough phone screening is required at least 48 hours in advance to earn an invitation over her knee. She does not indulge the whims of rude or impulsive people.

    Ms Marwood will prescribe and deliver the perfect remedy for the recurring bad habits of boys of all (consenting) ages.  And by the time she’s done with you, you will be an improved person - only too eager to relinquish your foolish ways.

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    Mrs Birch, Disciplinarian ~ Sydney, Australia

    I am Mrs Birch, a well-respected and Internationally known Disciplinarian who has been happily attending to the disciplinary needs of naughty adult males for over 18 years now.

    It is my duty to provide correction in the form of good old-fashioned domestic discipline and corporal punishment to naughty adult males and I do so within the privacy and comfort of my North Shore residence. As many a deserving male can attest, I’m highly fond of the cane and it's application and yes, caning is my particular area of expertise. It goes without saying that I enjoy very much administering perfect sets of 6 to quivering upturned buttocks...

    I’m also an expert when it comes to applying a thoroughly humiliating petticoat punishment, supervising strict Home Detentions, or devising fun little games that involve various other forms of humiliation and absolute torment for the hapless adult male.

    All in the name of discipline of course...

    I find it an absolute joy to send a naughty adult male over my knee for a lengthy bare bottomed spanking, and I am also rather fond of paddling his rosy bottom until his legs are well and truly kicking. In fact all aspects of domestic discipline and corporal punishment of the adult male are dear to my heart. Naturally, an appointment is required and at least 3 days notice is essential. And don't forget to bring your manners, I smack hard!

    You may think of me as the Super Nanny of the adult world...

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